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What I've been Up To

I know everyone has been going through the ringer lately but




I pictured myself finishing my degree, moving in to Manchester and starting a full-time position at one of the bigger fashion rands, like BooHoo or Nasty Gal...

Instead, I moved home, had some major health issues, moved in to a flat in the city (yay) went through three jobs (two in customer service, one actually to do with photography), organised and published the final year university catalogue and as of November 2020, made the decision to go self-employed full-time.

Oh, and in the form of starting my own business. In the middle of a global pandemic.

I've been asked multiple times what made me make this decision, and the simple and boarder-line comedic answer is

I'm tired of working 'to-the-bone' for others and seeing no results from it. I want to work for myself, and answer to no one...other than the lovely two ladies I've started this whole thing with.

But we'll get to them another time.

As much as I may regret the next few blog posts in years to come (due to the embarrassment of sounding so optimistic), I wanted to start writing again for several reasons: one, I need an outlet, as I've come to find that being self-employed is so chaotic and I feel writing can give me the anchor I'm looking for; two, if I am in the small percentage of people who find success in their independence, I feel it would be nice to look back on this form of documentation of my journey, and look back at it all fondly and three, the medication I'm on from my health problems last year has prevented me from drinking for 11 months, and so this will have to do as the substitute at the moment.

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