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Milan, Italy - the best start I could have asked for

Forma Meravigli, Project Room for Photography

After deciding to use travel as a way to figure out what I wanted my final project to be, I decided to try and find some photography houses that could be in the area I was visiting - I came across a free entry photography exhibition space called Forma Meravigli, which was displaying work by two Italian photographers Stefania Lippi and Massimo Sestini. The two photographers had very different styles of work, with Stefania using a more contemporary art style in her work, verses Massimo Sestini who's current collection are all bird's-eye view and focuses very heavily on colour. I loved seeing this small exhibition, as it gave me a lot of inspiration in terms of what kind of photography I'd like to try, and Sestini's work definitely influenced my style when I was shooting street photography the following day

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